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  • B2C Publishing Case Study: Helping Kelsey Media to Grow 

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    Thought leadership - strategic consultancy - collaboration - growth - integration

    Use a text sectiKelsey Media is a 20 year old multi-media business with more than 200 publications across lifestyle, fitness, homes and travel.

    The business needed a specialist CRM software solution with a provider who would listen to their requirements when developing new features: a system to future-proof them.

    How The Engine Shed helped:

    • Kelsey consolidated 200 titles, numerous sales houses and other systems into one software application, providing clarity and consistency across the business.
    • Kelsey had a number of outsourced sales teams with varying procedures. Now all ad sales are completed via one process freeing up the team of around 80 sales staff to focus on fulfilment.

    Kelsey has now been able to fully integrate their ad sales software with their NetSuite Accounts package allowing for real time information on sales and revenue to flow both ways. This includes automated messaging around late payments, maximising revenue collection and cashflow nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore.

    Gill Lambert, Operations Director, Kelsey says,

    "The Engine Shed has innovation and creativity in finding solutions. My job has been to sort out all the data, understand the full potential of the applications, update contact data, rate cards and integrate finance. Otherwise garbage in equates to garbage out. The Engine Shed has helped me to do all this.


    The Engine Shed also provides good value for money in an area where non-bespoke providers such as Salesforce charge huge fees for less service"


    What customers say about The Engine Shed

    Best investment we’ve made! Hawker Publications
    It’s paid for its customised development many times over. Classic Angling

    The whole team shares & uses it. Logistic Business
    Workflow from Ad Sales to Production is easy to follow. Gearing Media Group
    Excellent for sales admin and customer contact. Heavy Lift and Project Forwarding Intl
  • B2B Membership Organisation Case Study: The Law Society

    Emily Duncan from The Law Society speaks about how she saved 1 full time employee (FTE) by using Pulse Publisher software for reporting, and how integration with Microsoft Power BI enables her to seamlessly set and measure performance metrics.

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    Media Sales: 4 Key Areas Publishers Should Consider

    Read our short eBook to understand key areas of measurement that Pulse Publisher addresses:

    • Sales Team Performance

    • Time Management

    • Customer Trends

    • Setting objectives

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